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What’s a FinGlove?

The FinGlove is a high-quality, finger glove designed specifically for digital and cg artists who use drawing tablets for art and illustration. It has been vigorously tested in studio environments to alleviate the most common problems dealt by professional artists. This microfiber cleaning glove will allow you to work on clean drawing surfaces, free from oils and moisture transferred from the hands onto the glass, so you can draw effortlessly for long periods of time.

Should you buy a FinGlove?

It depends how serious you take your work. Your life will become much easier! No more shooting over to a different part of the screen or accidentally clicking on the wrong layer. No “sticky” feeling when you’re trying to move your hand rapidly. No more accidental marks!

You’ll see improvements in speed and quality of work. Guaranteed lower friction between hand and tablet’s surface, while the pen glides smoothly ensuring the utmost in comfort. As an artist, if your hand gets sweaty, this is indispensable for drawing for lots of hours.

Key Features:

Material Tech: High elastic Lycra fiber with great air permeability and strong tensile resistance. You’ll see INSTANT improvements on your work!

Microfiber Cleaning: Never make another scratch! You can rest your hand naturally on the drawing surface to work, and while moving smoothly along the glass surface the glove is designed to clean simultaneously. 

Quality design: Classic charming black color, merging comfort and functionality with good looking glove design. Look good, be good!

Key Contact Points:  There are only two fingers on the glove - but this is by design. The two fingers and part of the palm which touches the screen are covered, offering the protection outlined above. The thumb and the other fingers who hold the pen are not. This allows a more natural drawing experience!


3 different sizes to be used either on the right or left hand (only one glove is included)

Compatible with Graphic Monitor/ Tablet/ Light Box/ Tracing Light Pad

EPacket Delivery Duration in Different Countries:

  • Brazil – 25- 30 Business Days
  • Russia, Saudia Arabia & Ukraine – 7-15 Business Days
  • Mexico – 20 business Days
  • Other ePacket Supported Countries (e.g. UK & USA) – 7-10 Business Days

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