A funny sketch for a couple with spectacle. Cuteness overflows
A funny sketch for a couple with spectacle. Cuteness overflows
A very cute Girl drawn in american style in a simple and realistic way!
Drawn in a style that you will definitely like it. You need to see this for yourself to believe it
A funny and cute sketch for a girl Cuteness overflows

Olievier's Art

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Basic Package Includes:

Colour: Black and White

Number of Person/Pet: 2

Portrait Type: Shoulder Up

Background: Single Colour (Solid Background)

Files To Be Deliver: High-Resolution JPEG/PNG

Days to Deliver: 3 - 5 Days

Are you curious how will your face looks like in American comic style or Anime comic style? 
Give it a try. 

I will draw your face in no time at all! Or you can contact me if you have custom preferences for your order. 

Things that I draw: 
- Face 
- Half body and full body (as seen in the source picture - will do some pose alignment if needed)
- Any comic character (you name it, I'll draw it!)
- Caricatures

Care to share your love for your soulmate in drawings? You come to the right place! I will draw your face and your soulmate's face in caricature! 

I am at your service, don't hesitate to contact me.

Why us?

Owner of Coupleofthings.net

Hi, I’m Calvin Lim. Specialized in Multimedia Development and 3D Animation and also founder of coupleofthings.net.

Over hundreds of people have used my material to give the perfect gift to their soulmate. I work with over 30 artists to bring you the perfect customized couple portrait that will make that special day memorable. Anywhere in the world, in any style you want.

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It all started when I met the love of my life. I’m always looking for ways to surprise her and, on that anniversary, I wanted to do something different…

I looked through the Internet to find the perfect gift that would make that day memorable. However, all I found was common ideas and the most usual gifts ever...

How boring! (I thought close to giving up…)

I wanted to give her something unique. Something that was only for her, that would give us a great memory in the future when we looked back. 

That’s how coupleofthings.net was created!

If you’ve been in my position, you know how hard it is to think of the perfect present without settling for the meaningless gift. It’s not the amount of money spent that will impress her/him. It’s the thought behind it... 

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If it’s her/his birthday or valentine’s day is coming, you don’t need to worry! This will not only be the perfect gift but it will also improve your love life and relationship (according to feedback at least…).

Anywhere you are, send us a request and we will deliver it in 3-7 days. Any question or doubt, we always respond within 1 working day and we never fail to deliver. You won’t find 1 bad review on the whole Internet and that’s for a reason (this would be the time when you start searching for one...).

Join the hundreds of people who are becoming “The Right One” every day

If you’re ready to make your soulmate smile from ear to ear or even tear up with joy (yeah, that’s happened before) click here and check our different art styles. Find the one that speaks to you the most and send us a request. 

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