Redapplerii's Art - Couple Art Style in Anime Art Commission Open

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【Please note anime character will not look exactly like the person 】
【Please note that we’re only selling digital products, there will be no print delivery. Also, we’re happy to deliver the final product in your preferred file size and type.】
【The price of a pet is the same as the price of a person】


Basic Package Includes:

Colour: Full Colour

Number of Person/Pet: 2

Portrait Type: Bust Up

Background: Single Colour (Solid Background)

Files To Be Deliver: High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files

Days to Deliver: 14 - 30 Days

Progressive Update: Yes

Here's a guideline on how to identify the portrait type you are looking for

Sizing Chart of Couple Portrait


Size Chart of T-Shirt

Size Chart of T-shirt
Size Chart of T-Shirt